The Social Change Map Meets November 2020.

It’s bound to be an unsettling, challenging, and confusing month. Are we ready?

Fogginess. Doom-scrolling. Distraction. Anxiety. Yes, to all of that? If you’re on the same road as I am, here’s a resource that might help. Based on the social change ecosystem map, I put together a reflection and action guide that’s tailored for the elections. You can find it here.

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The social change ecosystem map (October 2020)

The guide includes a seven-step process to identify our values, causes, roles, ecosystems, and sustainability plan. Here are some examples of how people and organizations are playing various roles during the month of November. Tweet your social change role @dviyer or on Instagram @buildingmovementproject with #SocialChangeMap #Elections2020.

  • Weavers connect people, funding, resources and organizations across the country to one another (see

Check out the reflection and guide here. See you all on the other side where no matter what happens, we keep up our struggle for social change, justice, liberation and solidarity.

Author of We Too Sing America; Host of Solidarity is This podcast; Senior Advisor at Building Movement Project; South Asian American activist/lawyer. @dviyer

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